About Cubaneo

The term “cubaneo” is used in Cuba to describe the ways the Cuban identity is expressed. The manner in which Cubans speak. The passion they display when they dance to salsa music. The grace they show while playing béisbol. And the pride they take in their unique style of living. All of these create an overwhelming sense of cubaneo when one is immersed in the culture.

We want to bring a little cubaneo to Santa Barbara by serving food that honors the vibrancy of the Cuban culture. We serve our take on traditional Cuban dishes—from the classic Cubano sandwich, to arroz con pollo, to mojo-marinated chicken, and to Mima’s frijoles negros. With all of these preparations, we take inspiration from the original Cuban dishes. However, we seek to update the flavors to suit the ethos of California cuisine. Using the best ingredients we can find along with recipes we grew up with, we hope to infuse a little bit of cubaneo into the lives of the guests we serve.

Please visit our sister restaurant, Barbareño, if you love what we’re doing.


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